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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Book Bags with Woven Bands... Great Christmas presents!

 This Christmas I made some book bags for my family members who liked to read. I wove a band for each with my band looms. They would make great presents any time of the year and come in handy for other uses.

For Meta, a cat lover, I found a needlepoint at the thrift store. I just put a backing on the needlepoint and attached a bag with lining. Then I wove a band to match for the handle.

For three year old Eamon, I found a small placemat, attached it to a lined bag, made a band to match for a handle and filled with three fun animal books.

Erin's bag was also a placemat. It was sturdy and doubled fabric, so I just folded it in half, stitched up the sides, wove a handle to match and put in some knit and craft books.

My last bag was designed to be a shopping or knit bag also for Erin. For the pocket, I used an old wooden fabric or walpaper stamp and acrylic paint. I made 2 bags, attached the pocket to one side, stitched the two bags together and wove a matching handle. Since this was a shopping bag, I added some kitchen items.

New to band weaving? You can try out my book, Tape Loom Weaving...simplified, on my site www.eastknollpottery or on Amazon. Unlike most books on band weaving, this is a step-by-step easy way to learn how to make a loom, set it up, weave simple stripes and the more advanced pick-up patterns. Then please, look at the wonderful new, old and foreign band pattern books available today.

Want to learn more about this early activity? Check out my pinterest pages for loom ideas, patterns and weavers around the world at

And search my blog above for more projects on making a loom and weaving, just type in loom or band and many free patterns and ideas will pop up.

Go out and be creative!

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