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Monday, June 23, 2008

Old Deerfield Village in Massachusetts

6:00 am on Sunday before the crowds and before the rain...>

Well, it rained again at Old Deerfield Villages Craft Fair. I was there demonstrating and teaching about the early New England clays and the potters that formed the clay into useful objects. This year we had a photographer that made old tintypes. And of course there were many craftspeople selling their wares and lots of great food. What a lovely setting in this quiet old community. Lovely old homes and an area full of history.

The Old Deerfield Museum boasts old buildings to tour, a photography exhibit, old tools, quilts... I was amazed at the quilt with over 82,000 tiny pieces of fabric, samplers, tavern signs and lots of old pottery... my favorite of course. You can visit their web site at and plan a time to visit.

I brought my tape looms, Old Deerfield has an extensive collection of these looms.
I will be teaching classes in this early craft around the CT area this year... check my web site for listings or schedule a class at your place or mine.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on The Lorax & Innulas...

The Lorax has been bisque fired and the Innulas are out.... finally!!

I finished the Lorax statue that I made to put among the Innulas. You can see below that I finished sculpting it on April 20 and here it is June 20. The Lorax is out in the garden and the Innulas just came out in full bloom this week.

The Innulas are really this yellow! They sure brighten the yard. The shaggy petals do look like they belong in a Dr. Suess book don't you think?

Happy Summer!