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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Band and Tape Winders


Ways to store your bands, display them at events, or sell at events. 

In the olden times people wrapped their bands on flat "spools" called winders. The same winders that also are great for holding embroidery threads in your stash, these winders can hold your tapes and bands, and a lovey way to display them.

Winders were made of paper, card board, wood and bone.

And today, we can make some lovely band winders from old cards too. 

The winders I like to use are a little larger than those designed for thread, more durable and can hold a longer band.  These are replica's of older winders and can be used over and over again.

You can, of course make your own.  I always encourage people at my demonstrations, to make your own!  However, for those of you who are not handy, you can now purchase them on my web site, www.eastknollpotterycom.

Yes, I am a potter, but I also demonstrate and teach band/tape loom weaving. There is a page on my site that is specifically about bands.

I would love to hear from you and share your creations. Let me know what you have been doing... and photos are always welcome!

New to band weaving? You can try out my book, Tape Loom Weaving...simplified, on my site or on Amazon. Unlike most books on band weaving, this is a step-by-step easy way to learn how to make a loom, set it up, weave simple stripes and the more advanced pick-up patterns. Then please, look at the wonderful new, old and foreign band pattern books available today.

Want to learn more about this early activity? Check out my pinterest pages for loom ideas, patterns and weavers around the world at

And search my blog above for more projects on making a loom and weaving.

Go out and be creative!

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