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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Tapes, Bands and Winders

I have bundles of simple bands that I weave at events. I bring along my box looms and one of my granddaughters demonstrates how simple weaving on a band loom is and encourages visitors to try it out.

Now what do I do to store yards and yards of bands? I have seen them bunched into bundles, wrapped into balls and  wound onto winders.

The winder idea is a nice way to display your bands and sell them too.

I buy thin poplar planks at Home Depot, cut them into a variety of shapes and sizes on my daughters band saw and smooth down the edges with my chip knife.

A coating of stain or varnish and they are ready to go.

New to band weaving?  You can search my bar above for more patterns, ideas and bands on this blog. Check out my book on or Amazon.... Tape Loom Weaving... simplified  or come to one of my events listed on my web site.

This spring, April 10, 2019, I will be doing a slide show on the history of band looms and teaching a basic class at the Boston Weavers Guild.

I do several classes in weaving. Basic set up and plain weave, advanced pick-up and also a special 2-day event for couples. The couples class is two part collaboration. One of the couple learns to carve a gate loom out of a single slab of wood, the other partner learns to set-up, basic weave, pick-up, weaves a belt and designs their own pattern.

Check out my web site for more details on Classes and how to set one up.