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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cattaraugus and Erie County Fairs... A month in New York State

This year, I was invited to demonstrate making pottery on my home-made treadle wheel at the Cattaraugus fair in New York State. Cattaraugus is a lovely little fair in Little Valley NY, located in the southwest corner of the state. I camped near the livestock barns and woke every morning to roosters crowing and cattle mooing. The staff was very nice to my group of craft demonstrators. The people in that area of the state were very interested in learning about my craft and sharing with me their interests.

I had a lot of spare time and started to learn how to play the spoons with my friends Deb, Cindy and a local very talented young fellow named Sam.
Roger and Sam in my tent, Roger on the banjo and Sam on the spoons. Deb gave me this lovely old quilt. The quilt has become a conversation piece at my following demonstrations.

Its hard to call demonstrating a job. I spend my days with a great group of craft friends and dress up in costumes. I eat lots of great food, learn about alpaca and roosters and how to show a cow. I meet vendors from all over the USA, like the temporary tattoo couple who turned out to be potters and paint tattoo's on the side! I get to teach people about the history of potters and clay. I learn about different styles of pottery and techniques myself too. And... I make money doing it!