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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines Weekend at the Vesterheim Museum, Iowa 2016

A week teaching weaving in Decorah Iowa.

On the left is the museum block that houses the Norwegian American history and items from the early settlers of the area.  Household items, tools, costumes and Band Looms.

Although it was a little chilly, low teens most days, the ground was covered with a fresh coating of white and hearty Iowa folk were out with their usual activities.

Roger taught a bowl turning class for 3 days and I sat nearby getting some weaving done. I finished the 3 headbands for my granddaughters and started on some samplers.

On Saturday and Sunday our Valentines Day Band Weaving Class took place. The Vesterheim has many old Norwegian Looms and Bands and we were lucky to be able to see how the looms and bands were made up close.  The Looms were individually carved so each one is unique. Imperfect slots and holes do not hinder the weaving but instead, turn the Loom into a work of folk art.

Here is a Band pattern I had not seen before. It is now on my list to try out once I chart the pattern.
The Norwegians used these colorful bands to decorate clothing but also were useful as belts, swadling bands and ties.

Our second year went very well and we all enjoyed each others company creating lovely looms and bands. We work together, the weavers and the carvers in the same room and between periods of quiet concentration, we talked about the carving, weaving, materials used and how it all works together to make the experience a success.

This was a great class idea. Couples working together is a class we plan to do again next year and again during the year for others who want to share the wonderful craft of carving wood and manipulating wool, cotton and linen into bands of cloth.

If you are interested in hosting a class, please let us know! More information and my book, Tape Loom Weaving...simplified... is available on my web site,

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Free Blank Charts for you to download... posted on January 1, 2016.

Happy weaving... and carving!

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