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Monday, January 11, 2016

Norwegian Style Red Bodice with Traditional Weaving Pattern

I just finished my new bodice to wear when I go to events and teach classes. This shows off how you can decorate your clothing with these wonderful tape or band patterns that you weave on your little looms.

The pattern is an old pattern, fairly simple to do. I used cotton background warp and wool pattern threads, weaving the weft with the same white cotton. I have one row of each, white, red and black for the borders.

The red wool bodice is lined with cotton checked fabric.

A few years ago, I found a tin box of old hooks and eyes at a tag sale. They are not the flimsy style you get today at stores, but larger and stronger.

After sewing on the hooks and eyes, I used a piece of linen/cotton binding that I wove to hide the hook attachments on both sides.

Vests used to be popular.  I like these old style bodices with the bright woven ribbons to decorate them. Old style bodices and jackets can be found a (Sweden) or (Norway).  I have posted some more of the old style bodices on my pinterest page...

I look for a style of bodice or jacket that I like and then come up with a nice pattern to weave for the decoration.  It is a lovely way to create these bands and have a use ready for them.

Not interested in weaving these narrow bands yet or need more information? You can search this blog, contact me or buy my book on tape weaving... Tape Loom Weaving... simplified  at or through my web site (yes, I am also a potter)

Find a bodice you like and then weave a pretty band... it is very rewarding!

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