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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Miniature Face Jugs

I demonstrate the making of little tiny pots across the county every year. I have become known as Reggie the miniature potter. And that's okay... because I really do like making my tiny pots. It is like doodling with clay. Three dimensional doodling.

Making tiny pots is not something I invented. Lots of potters still like making these little miniatures. We make them just for fun. They serve no purpose except maybe to hold tiny flowers or fruit, dollhouse decorations or just because they make you smile. And that is all they need to do.
Orville Seals shared his very comprehensive display of
"Louisville Kentucky Mini Jugs"
To the right is a photo from an on-line collectors
group that collects all size jugs, but as you can see, there are a lot of old tiny jugs out there to find.

Potters used them for advertising... to show shop owners what style, color and design pots they could make in a larger version and they would not have to travel around town to town in horse and buggy and lots of big, heavy, fragile pot samples..

And potters had children of their own to please and the neighborhood urchins at the potters shop as well.

I make hundreds of my tiny pots every year at shows and I am making hundreds of them in my studio this winter.

My bigger kiln full of tiny pots.

I ran out of pots by October last year, I cannot fire them while I am away. I make 50-70 pots each day at an event, dry them, pack them in sawdust and wait till I get back to my studio to fire and glaze them.

I am offering my mini face jugs in sets of 3 for anyone who missed out on them at last years shows.
Visit my web site to order these one of a kind jugs.

1 comment:

Connie said...

I love your pots. I am just about ready to get some. Hopefully we will see each other in Albert Lea this summer and it can pict some faces out.