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Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Woven Bookmarks in One Warping for your Tape Loom

Just finished a set of Five Bookmarks for Holiday Gifts. 

Warp your Tape Loom once and weave 5 bookmarks in one day. Each bookmark is about 6" long plus tassels.

This is a Baltic style of pick-up weaving on a simple tape or band loom.

You will need a loom with 38 threads, 19 holes and 19 slots.

Print out the chart below and the above finished bookmarks photo for

Warp your loom following the chart below with 6 foot warp. Leave
about 5-6 inches between bookmarks if you want to twist the ends.
Cut the bookmarks apart leaving 1/2 inch at the bottoms and the long
ends to be twisted at the top.

As with all pick-up weaving, start at the bottom of the chart working up.
Notice the dots placed in the middle thread at the beginning of each weave. The dots are shown because this row must have the 5 pattern threads on the top shed (dot thread on top), and the other four pattern threads on the bottom shed.

Happy Weaving... and an early Happy Holiday!

I will be happy to answer any questions... need more help? or are you a beginner? You can learn all the basics and advanced pick-ups with my book Tape Loom Weaving....simplified    at Amazon or my web site...

Blank pick up chart
Blank stripe chart

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