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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Weekend in Vermont... Fiber Festival!

The Green Mountain Fiber Festival in Wilder Vermont

It snowed in Vermont last weekend! Fortunately, it snowed Saturday night, so I didn't have to drive far in the snow, as I came home Sunday night with clear skies and roads.  It was nice to have my first snow of the year in Vermont.  I haven't been up there in a couple of years.  I live in Connecticut and have roots in Springfield and Weathersfield, Vermont.  My great grandmother, Eunice Rumrill, was born in Weathersfield in 1869, and her dad, Horace, born in Springfield, VT in 1833, her mom, Lucinda Randall, in Rockingham, VT in 1838.  (Just a little plug for my genealogy project... anybody knows these families... let me know!) It is nice that I have a connection to Vermont.

The Green Mountain Festival was sponsored by Karen at White River Yarns in White River Junction, about a mile or two down the road from this lovely old Congregational Church built in 1890 and now the Wilder Center.
The building is believed to have been copied from a previously existing church in Minnesota.

The building has a wonderful old pipe organ from the 1840s.

and a Seth Thomas clock made right here in Thomaston, Connecticut.

I set up my tape looms and weavings opposite that stained glass window and was bathed in colored sunlight for the two day event.

I sold my bookmarks, looms and how-to books to fiber enthusiasts and talked about the history of the tape loom, here and across the planet.

As usual, my miniature pottery was a big hit.  I was able to get ahead from my summer and fall shows and had lots of tiny face jugs and little piggy banks.

I also sold out of my large sheep statues and need to get going making more of these in January.

Two of the best things about my lifestyle is traveling to see other places and meet new people.

I met some interesting new folks at this festival. Michael Mc Harg, was here with his woven wooden baskets.  I also found out he makes bagpipes, so when I got home I looked him up and found his site, The Wee Piper.

He was at the show with his wife, Gisele. She makes the fiber art in the family. She has lovely hooked items as well as  knitted and crochet gifts.

Nice people.


And, of course there were wonderful knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and a lady reviving Dorset button making.


There are quite a few new friends I find travel to the same fairs and festivals as I.

I also met up with a fellow fiber person from the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair in Cummington, Massachusetts last May.  Below is Kate Bachus from A Hundred Ravens... she also is a writer.


Thanks to Karen for giving us an opportunity to sell our creations and share our love for fibers.
Karen and friend

If you missed this Fiber Festival, be sure to check out next years festival in Vermont. You are sure to find something you need and meet wonderful people.

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