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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On the Road with the Traveling Bunnies

Previously on Traveling with Bunnies...

As you may have seen in the previous post, two young 4-Her's blessed me with two fuzzy bunnies.. Sabastian and Oscar at my first fair of the year, Hennipen Fair in Minnesota back in early June.  They were so little, so soft, so cute. I had many offers from fairgoers to buy them right then and there.

Roger and I got them a nice dog crate that came with a bag of gourmet rabbit chow with bits of dried fruit, which, when I ran out and I bought them Walmart brand, they got finicky and would not eat the common chow for days after I switched. No more gourmet.  I made a lovely dark green leaf patterned fabric cover and tray cozy.

Every day we would carry them to my tent where they would eat a rectangle of grass and be fondled by small children. They were always right near my potters wheel where I could keep an eye on them as I worked and now I could discuss angora bunny fur and weaving with the customers.

Then I would put them on the front seat of my little blue truck, clip the purple fan above them (it was around 90 degrees all summer out there), and we would travel to the next fair.

dark green leaf patterned tray cozy

In the evening, after a fair was over for the day, the bunnies would be released from their dog crate in the camper and be allowed to do some binking. Binking is what bunnies do for fun. The bunnies run wildly back and forth and do mid-air twists and turns before flopping over like they just had a heart attack.

We had a few days off in Minneapolis and the bunnies binked around Rogers back step. I have a video of this.

Eventually, they needed a hair cut.  They are half angora and half something else. In spite of the heat this summer the loving little bunnies got very matted from snuggling with each other. I decided to give them a trim. Kids at the fairs now wondered about their misshapen fur, so I would pass around the fur clippings I kept in a paper lunch bag and the children would put their little hands in the bag and oooh with delight over the softness of the fur.

During the three months on the road together, my bunnies kept me company. I had to live a few days in the back of my truck... my truck hovel as it has become known... We woke up together, and I mean together. The back of my S10 pick up is just long enough for my cot, my coffee and food shelf, my work table, my spare tire (too rusted underneath to hold the spare) and my bunny crate.  On the good side, I can sit on the center of my cot and reach everything without moving! And in the evenings, the bunnies would bink around our space and I just sat back and smiled.

Spending a night in an occasional motel bathroom

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