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Friday, June 4, 2010

June in Connecticut... Sale on Sunday and I am almost ready!

My temp job at White Flower Farm is over for a few months. Can you imagine me in a cubicle? Answering phones and telling people how to plant daffodils and raspberries, what goes with peonies... tree or herbaceous... why we can't ship that plant to Nevada... tomorrow. Plant people are generally pretty nice and I will miss talking to folks across the USA, Canada and sometimes Europe!  The best thing is the plants. These  Iris I got last fall and they are coming up beautiful. What a joy it is to step out the back door and be greated by these lovely flowers.

These are some Scarlet Runner Beans. My grampa was a florist on my property, and left hundreds of little red clay flower pots up in the barn. I glazed some in bright colors and planted scarlet runner beans. These are one of my favorite plants as all my friends know. They grow 10 feet high, are easy to grow, have bright red pea flowers and then you can eat the long beans in late summer. Or save the pods and dry the beans for some winter chili.
Plants, Bird houses, Flower pots and my usual Yellow Ware with the lovely feathering pattern will be on sale Sunday, June 6 from 9-5.  And don't forget the seconds. Every year on the first Sunday in June, I sell off all the slightly imperfect pots gathered over the past year and sell them at dirt cheep-cheep prices. Get a bowl for $5! Pitchers, mugs... just take it away! Get here early for the best selection.

Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful yard!

reggie said...

yes, it almost hurts its so beautiful.

Genny said...

those blues are pretty!