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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day in Connecticut

Litchfield CT. A beautiful town green surrounded by the most photographed New England white-pillared church, lovely old homes and shops, was the setting for todays open house of the Historical Society. I was there teaching and helping kids and adults learn about early press tile-making.  There were children doing stenciled bookmarks and James Vibert was there talking about woodworking and teaching folks how to use a drill or a draw knife.

A tag sale on the way, I bought some thin baby blue yarn for $1. Eight spools to be made into tapes at the next tape loom demonstration. After the kids made lots of tiles, I swung by the Northfield Daffodil farm. The cattle were peacefully grazing next to our local windmill.  On the ridge above the Litchfield green is a wonderful view toward New York State in the west. Yes, there is still a lot of country views here in Ct. Continuing on past the Windmill is the Daffodill farm, thousands of daffodils fill the woods and meadows on both sides of the road. further on the road turns to dirt and I saw two vultures today who had found a squirrel dinner. They are such big, uunusual birds but necessary road kill clean up brigade.

And then home again to open the kiln. Today I unloaded some finished tiles from my Tuesday nite group. And some new green glaze colors. A new glaze is always interesting. I mix up my own glazes from Kaolin, Frits, Feldspars, Flints and Coloring Oxides, and with the varying temperatures and clay colors that I use, I never know what will happen with a new glaze. I like todays new colors. My red clay glazes have tended to be rather to bright and shiney for my liking. These new greens and cream are a little more subdued and have a matt surface.

A pleasant day of sunshine and warmth from folks at the Historical Society, met new friends, enjoyed fantastic views and enjoyed the people out on a nice Saturday walking through daffodils, mowing lawns, riding motorcycles and everyone having a good time.

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