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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Suzanne Jameson Kramer... A group of excellent early Scandinavian looms

A Visit to a Scandinavian Antiques Dealer with Scandinavian Looms and Bands.

Finally, I got to take a trip to River Falls, Wisconsin this summer to see Suzanne's collection of old Band Looms. Suzanne has a lovely shop out in the middle of corn fields. I had met her a few years ago at Norfest, a Norweigan festival in Decorah, Iowa at the Vesterheim Museum. She always seems to find those treasured antique looms that are hard to find.

She had several at her shop. You can contact her to inquire about purchasing an old loom and also see what she has available.  Her 2" x 3 1/2" business card is encluded in many of the photos for you to see how small the looms are.  Looms were individually carved usually by a husband or son, and some were better at carving than others. This does make them all warm and personal.  I have carved many myself. You need a thin piece of wood and a chip knife. A friend of mine made a nice one using a utility knife and a sheet of poplar from Home Depot. Mark the lines on both sides, flip back and forth while carving deeper to make each slot and drill small holes last. There are new folks carving or using laser cut looms available on line.

Or give Suzanne a call and purchase an old one. They are quite durable. You will see below how some have been repaired in the old ways of saving and repairing.

I found she has several older bands. They seem to be woven of very fine linen background threads with wool pattern threads and very tightly woven.

This is the band that I purchased and a threading chart.

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And have fun!

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Unknown said...

Hi, Reggie,
I so enjoy your blog, and this one takes me back to Wisconsin where I grew up. I just enjoyed all the beautiful band work then, and never thought about how they were made. Thanks so much for sharing this.