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Monday, January 9, 2017

Warping the Big Barn Loom... Part III

Davis Family with Peter Tumbledown

This is a photo of a sheep named Peter Tumbledown in 1910 on my very lawn.  This is the Davis family, Reginald and Winthrop Davis were twins, with their mom on the left and friend on the right, their family rented my house for a couple of years.

I have no idea if they had more sheep or if this was a pet. I don't know if they sheared their sheep or if they spun, wove or knit. But it is a great old photo.

My sister, Donna, did raise sheep. She raised, sheared, spun, knit and wove.  She came over to help me warp the Big Barn Loom the other day. I was so thankful for her help. I weave on a very small loom, a tape or band loom. Band looms are so easy to set up, usually 20-40 threads per warp and the warp has shorter lengths. On the Big Barn Loom, I am using a "found" newer reed that has 168 dents.  I had two spools of linen warp that was in my stash for years.  So we figured out we could make a linen warp about 13 feet long.

improvising on dresser drawer knobs

Beverly gave me a warping reel with the loom, but it is very big about 6' tall when standing. I am not sure where I will set it up, so my sister and I made our first warp on the long dresser I use to warp my tape looms.

It was hard to keep the cross in place, but she did it well, and we warped our first rug.

putting the cross on the original lease sticks

front to back warping.... going through the reed

threading through the string heddles center to right

halfway done threading!

tying on the back beam

ready to wind the back beam

Donna winding the back and...
Erin evening out the front
tying on the front beam

ready to weave... almost

Finding people to help and trying to figure things out means I have to use help when I can get it!  Donna, my daughter Erin and I got the threading done.  Before I can weave, I have to put new ropes on the heddles.  I have them hanging with jute cord, but something stronger is needed.  I also have only one original lamm, at least that is what I am calling the short stick I have that ties to the bottom heddle stick and then to the treadle.  One is missing so I am about to carve a replica.  Roger is back in Minnesota and has just finished the missing pulley.  The loom came with three very old pulleys.  We are going to need four to set up properly.    But for now the loom is warped.  And it looks great!
We are all excited about getting to the weaving part.

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Thank you for sharing my love of weaving and old equipment!

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Anonymous said...

I love following you on this one. I have a rug loom upstairs that I haven't done anything with and you are certainly inspiring me.