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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Norwegian Style Vest with Woven Bands

Another vest with woven bands.

 I found it hard to attach the straight woven bands around the curve of the neck on my red vest below (posted on a previous post). With this new one, I tried to weave a curve into the band. To do this, I had to beat one side tighter and then untie my back warp and even up the threads so the next couple of inches would be even to weave.  And, I had to keep track of the measurements.  The finished curved band was easier to lie flat on the curves.

Previous red vest,
straight band forced to curve
Weaving a curve

Center back waist

 Center back neck

Braided tie down the front

I like to make an article of clothing or a hand bag by choosing the fabric and then make a band to match using like colors and pick out a weave pattern that will suit.  With trim and hand bag handles, I can make short, fun weaving's that are one-of-a-kind and quickly made.  

Interested in finding out more about weaving on a band or tape loom?  Use the search box above to see more project ideas and hints. 

Find many patterns and lots of old and new loom photos I have collected on my Pinterest page..., come to my demonstrations ... check my website for this years events.. (yes, I am also a potter).  

Don't know how to weave yet on a band loom? Check out my book on my web site, or pick one up at one of my events... Tape Loom Weaving... simplified.

... And happy weaving!


Unknown said...

I find only events listed (on your website) are for 2015 which my calendar informs me, alas, hss gone by....

Regina Delarm said...

Oops! I do have most of my events from last year and a couple of new ones.... I will go update right now!
Thank you for reminding me!

Regina Delarm said...

But I am in Connecticut! We have a Massachusetts wool fest April 30.. I will be setting up looms to try! Also at the Big E this fall!