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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Inkle Loom How-to do Pick-up Patterns not found in Anne Dixons Pattern Book!

I was recently browsing around on Amazon looking for more pick-up patterns.  I bought Anne Dixons Inkle book a few years ago when it first came out. Back then, I was writing my own book for Tape or Band weaving.  As I wrote here before, I had no clue 15 years ago on how to use the old tape loom in my attic and needed to know how to thread the darn thing, and how to pick-up.

Pick-up Patterns

I love Dixons book. It has many new and exciting patterns. But again, she misses out on the basic how-to of setting up and learning how to separate the threads for pick-up patterns.  On Amazon, she has great reviews from experienced weavers looking for new pattern ideas.  A few book buyers were disappointed that she did not review the basics.

That is why I wrote my book. To teach the beginner how to set up the threads and how to pick the pattern threads for those complicated looking designs.

And the transfer of patterns from Inkle to Tape loom, can also be used from my Tape loom instructions to Inkle!

The set up for Inkles is a little different only in the use of string heddles on the Inkle loom and rigid heddles on the Tape or Band loom. 

If you have an Inkle and need pick up instructions, check out my book. Just set up the Inkle loom transfering the "Hole (H)" threads on my charts to the "Heddle (H) threads on Inkle charts.  Transfer the "Slot (S) on my charts to the "Unheddled (U)" threads on Inkle charts.  And then follow the directions for pick-ups.  

Inkle looms use H - heddle and U - unheddled.  Tape or Band looms use H - holes and S - slots.

Thats all there is to it!  Have questions? Just Ask!  I love weaving theses small bands.  I weave for historical interest so I use the older styles of looms, but I also appreciate the Inkle loom. Its adaption from the Swedish floor looms was a great idea.  The inkles also have the opportunity to do wider bands because the threads can be spaced over those pegs whereas band looms need to be wider (more holes and slots) for more threads.

Stoorstalka Band Loom
Ashford Inkle Loom

At any rate, making bands of cloth is a great fill in activity for established weavers, for those who want to learn a simple way of weaving at low cost, for those who take their weaving on vacations and those who need to make bands for handbags, guitars and belts.  

Pick a loom. Weave. Be Happy!

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