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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stoorstalka.... Modern Band Looms for Every Day Use

I realize that not all weavers would like to have the old fashioned primitive wood carved band looms, but would prefer a modern loom. Stoorstalka in Sweden, makes lovely little acrylic modern looms that are small, lightweight and easy to carry around. They offer several sizes and styles along with a shuttle and threading tool. You can visit them at in Sweden or check out their American site...

I chose the medium size loom.  It is only 3 1/2" tall and 7" wide, with 64 threads, it accommodates any size stripe pattern and has room for a 17 thread pick-up pattern. The holes are 1/16", big enough for sport size yarns, embroidery floss and smaller threads. There also sell narrow and wide looms at a reasonable price.

For my first simple project, I used Prism skeins. These handy little skeins have 10 yards of cotton thread and are smooth and easy to work with.

The loom was easy to set up as I usually do, between my knees, but clamping it to a table or bookcase would make setting up easy too.

I made about a yard of band, a headband, bracelet and a ring in a pretty comb pattern. I was finishing up outside while at the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia SC and laid the finished band out on a bale of hay. These looms are so portable. I love the way I can take it to any event or vacation and work on bands like I work on my knitting.

My next stop after the South Carolina State Fair was Pigeon Forge TN. I stopped in at Dollywood to visit some fellow tradesmen.  October is Crafts month at Dollywood. I worked there for 2 weeks a few years ago and have many friends demonstrating their trades there.  I stopped in to see Rosie Dupuy the weaver. ( Rosie weaves on larger looms and shares my enthusiasm for band looms.  She had recently bought a loom from Stoorstalka too. Rosie chose the double slotted loom. She said this loom separates the pick-up pattern threads and so is easier to see and operate.  I follow the traditional Norwegian style of single holes, but I can see why this style would be liked by many.   She attached her new Stoorstalka loom to a box that she had made for card loom weaving. Setting your loom in a cradle or box like Rosie is more bulky to carry around, but you can have a back beam for lots of contained warp and attach the front to your box. Adjusting the tension this way means you don't have to rely on tying to a hook on the wall and your body, leaving you free.

Rosie also purchased another pretty little modern loom. Made in Poland, it is available on this etsy site...

This one is made of wood and comes in many attractive styles.

Check out the Stoorstalka and Etsy sites above for a nice modern loom. If you still need instruction and have not purchased my book, Tape Loom Weaving.... simplified, it is still available on Amazon and my web site,

It is not too late to work on some Holiday presents!... Bookmarks, handy bags with matching woven handles, personalized headbands... check out my previous blogs above, just type in tape looms on the search bar to find free patterns, ideas and advice.

And Happy Weaving!


Connie said...

I have stepped away from pickup for awhile and gone to tablets for now, but plan on trying again this winter after gifting is done and I have time. Love that little loom.

Maria Lind Heel said...

Would it be possible to buy your book and get it shipped to Denmark (Europe)?

Regina Delarm said...

Hello Maria,

Shipping to Denmark will be $10 extra shipping for a total of $35.00 to East Knoll, 46 Albrecht Road, Torrington CT 06790. I do not take credit cards but a check will do. Thank you, Reggie

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Rosie Dupuy is such a knowledgeable weaver and I am so glad you got to stop by her booth! She sure is a wealth of information and so kind to share her skill and love of fibers with the folks at Dollywood!