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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Make a Backstrap Belt for your Tape Loom or Band Loom

Isobel was here helping put buckles on the belts I made for my spring classes in Tape Loom Weaving.

What you need...

5 feet of warp,  38 Threads makes a belt about 2" wide. I use Peaches and Cream cotton from your local craft store. It comes in pretty colors, does not stretch, economical and soft. Same cotton for weft.

For a beam, I use a rod 15" long. You can make your belt to fit your size or add a buckle so you can adjust it later.  Most are about 36" from ring to ring.

On the photo above I wrapped the ends. You cut the left over warp to about 5" split them in half and fold onto each other. start wrapping with same string with 24 to 30" pieces, overlapping ends and adding more wrap as needed. Start at the woven end, up and around and down the other side. Then wrap the two sides together near the weave and trim all thread ends that stick out.

The other end I warped onto a pop stick
with the ring attached . I wove from this end up.

Or fold the ends later. There are so many ways to finish the ends.

Just more weaving fun!

Weaving Rogers garters at Grand Marais MN

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