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Friday, March 28, 2014

Anne Dixon's Inkle Pattern Adapted to Old Tape Loom... Makes a Nice Bag Strap!

I waited till after I finished my book, "Tape Loom Weaving... simplified" before I went out and bought Anne Dixons Inkle Pattern Directory.  I did not want to be influenced or overwhelmed. With 400 warp-faced patterns, Anne's book is a treasure trove of exciting patterns... I will not have enough life time to make them all!

I weave on traditional paddle, gate and box looms, but her patterns are easy to transfer. I found a lovely place mat at a thrift store, and thinking of some goldenrod threads I have in my stash, I bought the mat for a hand bag.

The pattern below is a Pick-up pattern. It is also known as a Baltic-Style pattern with 7 pattern threads plus border.  I used 8/2 cotton, which is about the same weight yarn as crochet cotton.  My band came out 3/4" wide. Check below for specifics.

This is an example of just what you can do with these fun, colorful bands.  Any pattern, from Anne's book and other books, to old patterns you find on the web, can be broken down, mixed up and reassembled into your own pattern mix.  I find that a head band, bag strap or belt, can use a particular pattern worked half way, then add a special motif in the center of your band, and work the first pattern back down the other side of the piece.  Many times this can be reversed for symmetry, which is what I did for this bag strap.

Patterns may have repeat sections. If you have Anne Dixons book, I used combinations on page 60.  She has several pattern features on this page. I picked the two diagonal bars on the right middle section. I had to make my own chart for the turns and because I repeated and reversed the pattern after my center motif

The charts below may look confusing at first.  If you are acquainted with pick-up patterns it will all make sense. Also, I repeated each bar pattern twice moving toward the center motif and twice after the center motif to make my strap 40" long.  (My warp was cut to 54" which gave me room for the rope twists on the ends.)

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Have fun mixing and matching patterns!

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ZipZip said...

How beautiful! Love the movement and mix of patterns. Classic.
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