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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weave a Snowflake Bookmark... Free Pattern!

Winter is still here! This lovely little snowflake bookmark will give you a nice winter project.

Carl Larsson, Young Girl Weaving

"Some people say life is the thing, but I prefer reading" - Logan Pearsall Smith

Who doen't need another bookmark?
When I travel around the country, I tend to stop at libraries, to find used books to read at my shows and sometimes check my emails. Plus, its a nice quiet place to hang out.
As an added treat, I pick up one of the free bookmarks at the main desk. Always colorful and fun, I can write on the back where and when I picked them up and they are a cheap, small and useful souvenir of the many places I have been.

Weave on your tape loom this blue and white pattern.

This pattern uses 46 Threads:
   23 Holes and
   23 Slots

33 Blue Single Threads
26 White Threads (13 doubled)

In this pattern, the white threads are going to be the doubled pattern threads, and the blue threads will create the background. (Brown blocks will be Blue threads).

Pattern  Chart:

Pattern Draft:

Oops! This part 1 on the left was updated January 3rd, I left out a section!
I so apologize. Please reprint and try again!

New to Tape Loom Weaving or need more help? Check out my book, Tape Loom Weaving.... simplified at my web site: or on Amazon.

The Tape Loom predates the Inkle... not that I don't like the inkle loom, but this year, put a little history into your repertoire at demonstrations.... make a Simple Tape Loom and wow your weaving friends with some fun bits of history!  Learn all about the fascinating history of  Tape Looms on other pages of this blog and in my book above!

Have fun... Be creative... It's a new Year!

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

Very nice bookmark! I'll try it on my inkle loom.
Thanks for sharing.