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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Critters at the Hennipen County Fair

Every fair has its' special features. I especially liked the petting zoo at Hennipen County Fair in Hamel, Minnesota just northwest of the twin cities.  They had an assortment of critters, many running loose, and the big ones were just as friendly as the small ones.

Early in the morning I photographed Big John. John is a Belgian. And he is BIG. Those ponies next to him seem quite small. John is big, but very friendly. He puts his head down when he sees you coming so you can scratch under his chin.

Goats, baby chicks, ducks and geese...
rabbits, cows and sheep with nice fleece.

Then there are the little pigs. Everyone loves the pigs.

And then there were the Bunny races.  
Here is where I met Zander the 4-H'er,

...who gave me two bundles of fuzz,
Sabastian and Oscar.

A very nice fair to start out our Mid-west travels.

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