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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Beans, Beans, Beans, Time to plant the Beans!

Last March, we planted our Scarlett Runner beans inside. They are so pretty, and so easy to grow. Just put in dirt and add water! I grew them a little too early. By the end of March, Meta was watering them and they were getting tall.
Soon, they were outgrowing
my house. By the time I could safely
take them outside, they were up to the ceiling and tangled with each other. I took out the flat of gramps pots onto the deck and took an hour unweaving the vines.

They got Bigger,
And Bigger,
And grew into a fine Tea-Pea, for the girls. 

and then we ate them.
with onions and bacon.
So quick!  Plant those beans. The humming birds, (and me) love the pretty red flowers, and then you can eat them!

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