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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alafia Rendezvous, Florida, 2010

My first ever Alifia.  It was nice to have no TV, no electricity, no phone, no car for 10 days.  Walking around by candlelight with a bunch of other crazy people experiencing the old days.  We had to wear our costumes, drink out of yellow ware steins and eat next to the campfires.  It was a good time. I demonstrated weaving on the tape loom for the days when school kids came to visit and the "outsiders". I sold some pottery and met some new friends.

I won 2nd place (out of 17) in the foot race of "A day in the life of a wilderness woman". We ran through the course putting children to bed, washing, cooking and killing varmits. That was a lot of fun. There was a Scot group, Native Americans and folks from many states come together to buy, trade and have a good time.

My Hovel.

Will I go back next year? That is the big question. From CT to Homeland, FL and back was close to 3,000 miles of driving by myself. If I can rope someone else into coming with me, that would be great, but trying to get there and back, 2 days with no stopping to see America inbetween, was the worse.


J Auclair said...

What varmints did you kill?

J Auclair said...

I especially like your headdress.

Genny said...

take my mom!