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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its Spring... Finally!!!

Josh is building us a
gazebo out of logs and
sticks. You can see it behind
the clay birdhouses and the
clay bird bath guy. See my
web site to see how the
Goshen & Torrington school
kids made these unusual
bird condos.

My new Almond tree
survived the winter! Yeh!
And here it is with pink
blossoms infront of the
tree fort and tree face.

Below is the new clay Rabbit.
He is that small sculpture,
way up above the fish pool.
He is made of red clay,
overfired to cone 4, which
made him hard and metallic.

And my newly painted sign for Spring! The 2 quart pitcher has a hole in the bottom to attach it to the pole, and for drainage in the freezing cold winter...that is now over...amen.

Three years ago, our little cat Fiona got hit by
a car. She was the sweetest cat you ever saw.
Orange, white and grey. She was found in a
garage in town, in a pipe. Her mom had died, but
she and her sister, Sweet Pea, survived and have had good homes. When I first saw the scrawny little thing, I thought...{what and ugly kitten}. But she turned out quite pretty.
She liked to go "way up". She climbed to the top of cupboards, sheds, bookcases, and even climbed
into the kitchen ceiling as I was replacing it.

We miss her, but are glad to have shared some good times... she with us, and we with her.

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