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Friday, April 11, 2008

We set off into the world as sutlers...

Museums, civil war events, fairs and villages...

Lately, we have been attending more
re-enactments. We have our new
sutler tent set-up. After a few trials
and errors as to the design... what
to use for posts, how thick the rope
should be, and several other attempts
at tie downs (the 8" nails painted black
from Home Depot pulled out, so we
now have 12" nails painted black
from Home Depot)... still these are not
strong enough... I am praying the
wind does not rise up toooo much.
I am thinking about painting a
"Rufus Porter" mural on the back wall.

And what to do about shelves? My old
crates and planks seem to be working well.

Wrapping it all up in brown paper and
bits of strings is my next plan to round
out the overall effect of stepping back
in time.

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