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Friday, February 9, 2024

Shopping for some old band looms in Wisconsin.


In the middle of winter, last month, I got to visit with some friends and with Suzanne Kramer in Wisconsin. She has lots of items from the Scandinavian and German immigrants. 

I bought an old woven band a few years ago. A fine weaving and pom poms on the ends.

This year I bought a small childs bonnet. I have been working on a series of Scandinavian bonnets over the last few years and it is nice to have an original one.

In the old days, people mended their  tools. Unlike today where you can buy plastic and cheap tools, throw them away in land fills and buy new ones on Amazon or Walmart, people mended their tools. The tools were made of better materials, hand crafted with the knowlege of skilled craftsmen.   In the past I have found some looms that were mended with staples and pins.  

A mended wooden bowl and spoon

Another mended wooden bowl

I did buy a plastic little loom from Stoorstalka, which I love for its size and I dont worry about breaking it. I bought a cheap portable pottery wheel on Amazon that isnt too bad, but gave it to my sister. I bought fabric and yarn at Walmart last month... Walmart is only a 1/2 mile from my old house.

But it is nice to visit Suzanne and see some great old tools and think of the folks that made and used them. 

Fun tools

Nice rug.

And of course Suzanne has band looms that I believe are currently available for sale....

And this cool... thing... Does anyone recognize what this is used for?

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Get a loom, have fun weaving!

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